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Commandos: Beyond The Call Of Duty !NEW!

"Torture on Trial: Prosecuting Sadists and the Obfuscation of Systemic Crime": With war come war crimes. There is no documented war in which atrocities, torture, and excessive cruelty upon innocent civilians did not accompany it. To be sure, some cases are worse than others. In the case of Nazi Germany, war also included a systematic genocide, whose machinery of destruction took almost 6 millions lives outside of the framework of the blitzkrieg and the front. Rightfully, the crime of the Holocaust became the focus of criminal prosecution after the war, not only by the Allies but also by the West Germans. Some 6500 former Nazis were brought to trial in West Germany for their participation in the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question," as camp guards, members of killing squads, and desk killers. State attorney's offices had high hopes for these trials; at the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial, Attorney General of Hess Fritz Bauer intended to put the whole "Auschwitz Complex" on trial; the Berlin prosecutors of the planned RSHA (Main Reich Security Office) trial hoped to have a massive proceeding against the bureaucrats in charge of the Holocaust, whose pen strokes and signatures sanctioned the murder of millions. And yet, the trials changed course and soon only the most sadistic crimes of torture were the focus of the law, the press coverage, and the public's interest. The real crime, the methodical murder of innocent men, women, and children in the gas chambers and by the killing commandos, receded into the background, while the full force of the law came down only on the devils and monsters on the stand who created their own instruments of torture, lived out their evil fantasies, and committed crimes so heinous that even the Nazis investigated and punished them for their excessive cruelty. Forgotten by the law and the courts was the system which had allowed these men and women to flourish; in the end, only those who had gone above and beyond the call of duty under the Nazi system were convicted of serious crimes in postwar West Germany. The public learned to gasp in horror at the sick crimes of a few sadists, while distancing themselves from the whole system in which so many were enmeshed.

Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty



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