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Nolan Wood
Nolan Wood

Drunk Teen Porn Gallery

Anyone ever hear of a drunk fetish? I have this weird fetish/ritual that I have been into for about 3 years now. It started when I noticed that I was getting very turned on watching girls gone wild videos. It's so hot to watch hot college girls where they are obviously drunk flashing, masturbating, and eating each other out. I starting finding other porn where these russian girls were getting drunk in front of the camera then fucking guys. They were really drunk because they were passing out and sometimes puking. Anyway this got me wanting to try getting drunk myself while masturbating. Before this I got drunk socially only like twice a year. Now, I do it every weekend. I start out by picking out about 2 hours worth of porn from my collection that I want to watch for the night. Then I start masturbating while taking shots of liquor. When I get close to cumming I stop and let myself calm down for a minute or two then start again. I do this while watching porn nonstop for about 2 hours while taking shots like every 5 to 10 minutes until i'm drunk then I climax. Best fucking orgasms of my life. Now I know it's hard to get an erection and actually fuck someone while drunk, but you can still cum if you are masturbating. I don't know why I love this so much but I can't stop. Every friday night I do this. When the alcohol first kicks in while you are horned up watching porn, it feel so good. When I'm totally fucked up I simply finish off watching porn or sometimes I call phone sex lines. This is fun while drunk. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has ever done anything like this. It might sound weird, but it can't be weirder then some things I've seen on here like people eating shit. This probably classifies me as an alcoholic or better defined a binge drinker, but fuck it. It also shows I have nothing to do on friday nights, but who cares. I slowly I got addicted to doing this over years. At first I only did it like twice a month but it didn't take too long to go to doing it every weekend. Looking forward to doing this gets me through my miserable work week.

drunk teen porn gallery

Has any1 else noticed?There seems to be literally a ton of russian websites that are all based of different fetishes, drunk/sleep/party. Even though the websites are all different, it seems to be the same group of 3-4 guys that are in all the videos.Anyone know the name of the mastersite behind all these or what company this russian porn is based out of? 041b061a72


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