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Evil West was developed by Polish studio Flying Wild Hog, the developer of the Shadow Warrior series. The game's combo system was inspired by the Devil May Cry series, while the third-person perspective and melee combat were inspired by 2018's God of War.[1]


Evil West is an action-adventure from the third-person perspective set in an alternate version of the wild west. Instead of the classic cowboy motif, players will enter a battle between vampire hunters and vampires - and all sorts of other evil beings. The game focuses on the single-player campaign where Jesse Rentier, one of the last vampire hunters, takes on supernatural enemies trying to capture the American West.

Evil West is set in a vampire-filled twist on the classic old western setting, and the addition of cooperative multiplayer is the cherry on top of an already lovely-looking sundae. Pitched as "simple and straightforward", both players will play as protagonist Jesse, although only the host will make progress in the campaign. It will, however, increase the difficulty, and the composition of enemies will change, so it might be best to play through this one in single-player first and save co-op for an extra outing with a friend.

Such is the case with Evil West, a game that is resolutely old-fashioned in every regard, serving up a one-note narrative stuffed full of angry strong men with big muscles, daddy issues and a bunch of swear words standing in for actual personalities. It's got graphics that wouldn't look out of place two console generations ago and brutal action that's almost actually quite good in places to be honest. Yes, if you can get yourself into the swing of the core combat here, there's enough about it to enjoy in short bursts, to make this western/horror feel just serviceable enough, as long as you can deal with how laboured and bizarrely last-gen everything else feels.

Actually if you play in coop both of the players get the trophies like evil difficulty ending and boss/diff related trophies. Me and my friend just finished the game on evil in coop ( and i only joined him in chapter 13) as him being the host and we both got every missing trophies (bosses on evil + evil diff )

What could be better than rapidly fanning six, electrically charged bullets from your handy revolver straight into the gut of a Boo Hag vampire out in the wild, weird west, flaunting that sexy cowboy hat of yours? Well, how about rapidly fanning six, electrically charged bullets from your handy revolver straight into the gut of a Boo Hag vampire out in the wild, weird west, flaunting that sexy cowboy hat of yours while your best mate flaunts their sexy cowboy hat spewing the flames of death upon that very same Boo Hag.

In Evil West, we uproot European vampires and plant them in the old American West. Once we did that, so much of the world grew naturally, and we just had to follow the weeds of our creative guts taking us into beautiful, dark, and unexpected places. The vampires in Evil West have discovered a new and dangerous power, and now the wild west must progress or perish. The response is the lightning-powered gauntlet, developed by the vampire-hunting Rentier Institute, a tool both brutal and elegant.

The Desperados series is known for blending the iconic stealth game action of Commandos, with the theme and setting of the wild west. Mimimi Games did excellent work paying homage to this Commandos-style of tactical strategy game with Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, and the studio has applied that same formula to a third Desperados game.

It goes without saying that Evil West will be mostly based around action-packed wall-to-wall combat and in-your-face combos a la Devil May Cry. Although not technically confirmed, its trailers have indeed made this abundantly clear through the mindless chaos and demon-punching cutaways. And this is barely scratching the surface to what the game in its entirety will entail.

Not for the faint-hearted, Evil West is an unashamedly outlandish celebration of over-the-top gruesome action that is sure to get your heart racing. With "unbelievably satisfying" combat, and blood and gore galore, embark on a narrative-driven campaign to become the ultimate vampire slayer and protect humanity from the grasp of paranormal evil. But be careful not to die in the process!

Speaking of, the combat is most assuredly going to be gory as per the preview material which has also emphasized style. While it might not have the over-the-top combat of something like Devil May Cry, the snippets of gameplay we have seen from Evil West seem to indicate the game will have combo strings. A prime example is in the gameplay reveal trailer that shows the player launching a demon with an uppercut from their gauntlet before unloading their six-shooter into the still airborne enemy.

The premise of the game is that darkness has consumed the American frontier. Jesse Rentier is the last in a long line of secret vampire hunters, tracing his ancestry all the way back to the legendary Van Helsing. You take up the mantle as the last line between humanity and the encroaching forces of hell, with the ultimate goal of liberating the frontier, saving the United States, and becoming a hero of the west. 041b061a72


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