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Where To Buy Younique Makeup

Younique products are affordable and through having an online makeup party you can even earn special rewards and free products which makes the ordering process even more enjoyable. Free Shipping is offered every day on any order over $100 plus or with your first mascara subscription order, no matter the total and with each automatic shipment thereafter. Every Younique customer who spends over $100 USD in their lifetime or the equivalent in their currency with 10% back in Y Cash to spend on any products they choose. Members of the Younique Prestige Loyalty Program will also have a lower shipping threshold starting at $75 USD or the equivalent in foreign currency. There will also be exclusive product bundles offered only for Younique Prestige Loyalty Program members.

where to buy younique makeup

Younique's product line includes makeup products for eyes, lips, and faces.[11] Younique also has products for skin care, including Younique Royalty which launched in 2016, and is geared towards anti-aging.[12] In 2019, Younique launched Moodstruck Epic 4D One-Step Fiber Mascara that sold 1 million units within 6 months.[13] The same year, Younique launched an augmented reality tool that allows buyers to virtually try products before purchasing.[14]

Younique sells beauty products spanning from makeup to skincare products. The company sells its products directly to consumers. It uses an MLM (multi-level-marketing) strategy. Why is everyone leaving Younique? Is Younique going out of business?

Not everyone is leaving Younique, at least for now. The business has continued to run even after top investor Coty quit and some top-level sellers jumped ship to the company's rivals. Younique continues to recruit presenters to replace those leaving the network and drive its sales. The company has a charity program where it donates 10 percent of the profit from product sales to fight child sexual abuse.

First off their liquid foundation goes on nice but wears off very easily even with a setting spray. 2nd their lip stain DOES NOT last as they all claim. 3rd their eyeliner pencil "does not budge" is not true. They have all those cheek highlighters in numerous colors, why not have one product, not 6 different containers. I will say I feel sorry for all these presenters who were sucked in this pyramid business scheme. How much makeup can one continuously keep buying? How can one really live off this, no medical benefits etc. You're all being used. Empowerment they say???

First off I am A presenter. Been with the company over a year and a half! I joined in April of 2017. I absolutely love everything about Younique. There is some products that I don't like and many others I love!! If I don't like something, it doesn't mean someone else will. We are all different, human beings. And as far as running products down... maybe a person has skin problems. My aunt can't use anything where my friend can use it all. Why run a company down because your skin can't handle a certain product. Moving on. The company. When you get into network marketing, you basically are talking to strangers, building a relationship, your brand, who you are. Why blame your sponsor for 0 success. I don't. And My sponsor doesn't sell actively like I do. You are responsible for your own success.

These sponsors aren't out to help you! It's a competition to win the race. The more people these sponsors get to join, the less they have to work because they're making money off your sales. They want you messaging at least 20 strangers a day by stalking their FB pages and telling these strangers they are beautiful or they compliment on things they see on these strangers FB pages such as these stranger's children, pets, the person themselves, etc. They do all this to get the stranger to reply and that's where they move in and try to get you to join or buy their products. They tell you to have your friends or family or strangers to host a party to get sales and they tell the person hosting the party they will win free makeup. However, you only earn $20 in free "Y" cash as they call it, for every $200 in sales.

It's not easy to get people to buy that much in product and $20 will not get you much in makeup. One item. Period. Unless you sell over $200. The Splash Liquid Lipsticks are $27 and they do not stay on. If you accidentally touch near your lips it will spread on you face. Jeffree Star Lipsticks are cheaper and stay on well! The Epic Mascara is clumpy and flakes on to your face if you touch it up and Younique claims that mascara is buildable. The eyeshadows are pretty pigmented and some of the products are good. My issue is how the presenters are instructed to lie and read scripts. I think it's creepy how they want presenters to stalk stranger's FB pages and message them. For example, I received a private message from a presenter saying the following, which is a script: "Hi, I don't normally do this, but I think you are so beautiful". Of course I said thank you.

When I joined them I thought I found my purpose in life because I love makeup and I'm good at applying it. I looked forward to getting up each day feeling like I wanted to live again. Now that Younique did to me what they did I'm set back deep in my depression, again feeling worthless, sleeping all day. In just 2 short months Younique and my sponsor destroyed my self esteem which I find disappointing because of their so called mission to uplift, empower, and validate other women. Also, if you don't sponsor anyone by a certain status Younique will deactivate you. Like I said earlier, it's all about sales. I wasted a lot of time, effort, energy, and money by joining this company.

I bought the eyeliner and the mascara, I applied the fiber portion of the mascara. I ended up with red eyes and thought it was the fibers, so I let my eyes get better and tried the eyeliner and mascara WITHOUT the fibers. I still ended up with red eyes. I've used cheap drugstore makeup and never gotten red eyes. I thought it was the mascara, but I see another review where it was the eyeliner that caused the red eyes. I'd like my money back.

I began as everyone did a friend was selling. At first I was skeptic as I have freckles and sensitive skin. Boy have I been blown away! I have spent tons and pretty much now own it all. Here is the real deal. Younique uses European standards and does not fill their makeup with addition harmful chemicals. It's hypoallergenic and comparable to what you would find a Sephora or Mac. I highly recommend and they went from 13 to 26 shades to pick from so now there is a color for all!

I hesitated for months to try Younique because of the price. Once I did, I fell in LOVE. Their products are the best I have ever used. I had never used high end makeup before. It is an adjustment as you do not have to use as much product. I have learned so much about makeup. I love this company!

I began using Younique back in early 2016 after a friend began selling it. At first I loved it. Or at least I thought I did. I was using cheap drugstore makeup before that. Of course this was better. My regular items were the primer, liquid foundation, powder foundation and blush. I also got into using the mascara, eyeliner, lip stains, face wash and eyeshadows. By Jan 2018, I had tried every product they offer. I even was a seller for a few months. Now the bad part. In mid 2017, my skin began changing for the worst. I was getting cystic acne all over my face. I never had acne growing up so this was a shock. My face continued to get worse as the months went on but I refused to believe it was my makeup causing it since I had been using it for so long without any issues.

I have been using YOUNIQUE for about 2 weeks and I am completely happy. I am allergic to a lot of makeup including LOREAL, REVLON, COVERGIRL, AVON and MARY KAY. So far I have had no breakouts of any kind and I find that my skin is actually looking more even and I have noticed this make-up does not dry my skin out or make it feel oily. My make-up lasts all day but is easy to remove. The price is not out of line for the quality and length of time the product lasts. I will continue to use this make-up. I love it.

With various shoutouts in prominent magazines like Allure, Editorialist, and Good Housekeeping, Younique has become a powerful name in the beauty industry. Today, the brand boasts a cult following of over 700k across its Instagram and Facebook profiles, where people keep up-to-date with new products and business opportunities.

The brand is known for having a wide range of innovative formulas and eye-catching colors, so when choosing what to include in your first order, it can be hard to know where to start. To help, this Younique review will delve into the bestsellers, and cover how to use them, what the main ingredients are, and other key details.

We prime our faces to provide a flawless canvas for our makeup, helping our foundation look its best and last all day. But what about our mascara? The Younique Moodstruck Epic Lash Primer is designed to add a helping hand in your journey for perfect lashes.

The blend is formulated with macadamia nut oil, squalene, and vitamin E, all of which add nourishment to your skin. It boasts a 12-hour wear time, so you can easily apply it before work for a long day of continued use. While this product is spray-on, it is recommended to blend it together with a makeup brush to better enhance the coverage and create a natural look.

Unlike Younique, Beautycounter includes an EWG (Environmental Working Group) certification on its products, which confirms that they are free from chemicals of concern. The competitor also offers an entire section dedicated to vegan makeup, though both Younique and Beautycounter pledge not to test their products on animals. 041b061a72


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