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W88's Sponsorship Deal with BURNLEY FC: Promotional Programs and Incentives

W88, a prominent betting platform, proudly stands as the official jersey sponsor of BURNLEY FC for the 2023/24 Premier League season in England. This partnership not only solidifies W88's commitment to football but also paves the way for exciting promotional offers related to BURNLEY FC matches. Such initiatives win betting tips aim to enrich the experience of football enthusiasts and reward them with substantial bonuses.

The ongoing partnership between W88 and BURNLEY FC has led to the introduction of various promotional campaigns, enticing fans with lucrative rewards. Let's delve into the details of one such promotion:

W88 Offers 460k Bonus for Betting on BURNLEY FC Matches

Duration: From 00:00:00 on August 1, 2023, to 23:59:59 on May 31, 2024 (GMT+8).

This promotion is applicable to members who transact in Vietnamese Dong (VND).

Terms and Reward Structure:

During the promotional period, W88 requires members to place a minimum total bet of 2,000 VND on BURNLEY FC match days.

Upcoming Burnley FC Fixtures:

October 7, 21:00: Burnley vs. Chelsea

October 21, 21:00: Brentford vs. Burnley

October 28, 21:00: Bournemouth vs. Burnley

November 2, 02:45: Bournemouth vs. Burnley

November 4, 22:00: Burnley vs. Crystal Palace

November 11, 22:00: Arsenal vs. Burnley

November 25, 22:00: Burnley vs. West Ham

Participation and Bonus Redemption:

Members need to click the "Redeem Promotion" button to join the valid promotion.

Members must submit bet ticket information to customer service.

Bonuses will be credited to member accounts by bet at home bookmaker W88 Vietnam within 24 hours after the match ends.

This promotion applies to the first 1888 eligible members per match. Each member can receive multiple rewards throughout the promotion period.

Members must have one successful deposit transaction per day to qualify for each eligible match.

Draw bets, canceled bets, void bets, two-sided bets, or bets with HK odds below 0.5 (similarly for other odds types such as Malay odds below 0.5; Indo odds below -2.00; US odds below -200 and Dec odds below 1.50) will not be considered valid for this promotion.

Expanded Content:

Furthermore, it's imperative to note that the promotion excludes turnover calculation when members engage in betting activities across various platforms within the W88 ecosystem. Specifically, bets placed on A-Sports/Saba C: Racing, Live Casino, Arcadia Gaming, Happy 5, Virtual Sports, Saba Club (depending on the tournament), Minigame, RNG Keno/Lottery, Virtual Games, and Number Games will not contribute to the total turnover required to qualify for the promotion. This exclusion ensures that the focus remains squarely on the designated BURNLEY FC matches, maintaining the integrity and relevance of the promotion within the football betting context.

Moreover, W88 retains the authority to terminate participation in the promotion at its discretion. While W88 endeavors to provide an enjoyable and fair betting environment, unforeseen circumstances or breaches of terms may necessitate the cessation of certain promotional activities. This measure underscores W88's commitment to upholding ethical standards and protecting the interests of its members.

In line with its dedication to fair play and integrity, W88 also reserves the right to withhold rewards from members found to be engaging in fraudulent or abusive practices. Instances of fraudulent behavior, including but not limited to multiple account creation, manipulation of outcomes, or exploitation of loopholes in promotional terms, undermine the spirit of fair competition and jeopardize the trust and integrity of the betting community. Therefore, W88 takes proactive measures to identify and address such misconduct, ensuring a level playing field for all participants.

It's essential for members to familiarize themselves with the general promotional terms and conditions established by W88. These terms serve as a comprehensive framework governing all promotional activities on the platform, outlining the rights and responsibilities of both W88 and its members. By adhering to these guidelines, members contribute to a transparent and equitable betting environment, fostering trust and confidence in W88's commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, W88's sponsorship of BURNLEY FC has not only elevated the football experience for fans but also provided lucrative opportunities through its promotional campaigns. With enticing rewards and a commitment to fair play, best betting site in nigeria continues to enrich the football betting landscape while fostering a deeper connection with the sport's enthusiasts.


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