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Jantri Rates Gujarat Pdf Download

Jantri Rates Gujarat PDF Download

Jantri rates are the minimum valuation of land and property in a particular area. They are determined by the Revenue Department of the Government of Gujarat and are used for various purposes such as stamp duty, registration fees, property tax, etc. Jantri rates are revised periodically to reflect the changes in the market value of land and property.

If you are looking for the latest jantri rates in Gujarat, you can download them from the official website of the Revenue Department. The website provides the jantri rates for all the districts, talukas, villages and cities of Gujarat. You can also view the jantri rates online by selecting the district, taluka and village/city from the drop-down menus.

Download File:

Alternatively, you can also download the jantri rates from the Garvi website, which is a web-based application that provides various services related to the registration of documents and payment of stamp duty and registration fees. The Garvi website also allows you to search for property details, get index2copy and document copy, find market value, calculate stamp duty, find registration fee, etc.

Another option to download the jantri rates is from the Jantri Application website, which is a portal of the Superintendent of Stamps, Government of Gujarat. The website provides a simple interface to download the jantri rates in PDF format. You just need to enter the district, taluka and village/city name and click on the download button.

Downloading the jantri rates can help you to know the minimum value of your land and property and avoid any disputes or discrepancies in the future. It can also help you to plan your budget and negotiate better deals when buying or selling property in Gujarat.


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