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Nolan Wood
Nolan Wood

The Marine 4: Moving Target(2015)

Once there, Liv grabs Jake's gun and says that she needs Jake's keys to go to the police station. Learning that one of the convoy might be a renegade, Jake is mistrusted because she doesn't know him but Jake asserts that if she goes alone, she will be ambushed. Jake convinces her that he is a former marine. Later, Nathan Miller (Roark Critchlow) and Ethan Smith (Matthew MacCaull), members of the Department of Justice, arrive at the safe house. Ethan suddenly shoots Nathan in the head after he tells the information of Simon Vogel and the incident. Ethan turns out to be working with Vogel. He then searches for Liv while putting Jake on gunpoint. Liv escapes the house as the alarm goes off, and Ethan is distracted, causing Jake and Ethan to fight. Whilst fighting, the group of mercenaries arrive at the house. Liv and Jake manage to outrun them using a boat.

The Marine 4: Moving Target(2015)

The capabilities include Northrop Grumman's portfolio of advanced maritime systems across the full spectrum of modern naval operations, including maritime domain awareness, C4ISR, resilient networked operations, broad area surveillance, unmanned aircraft systems for maritime and coastal surveillance, radar and mine detection systems, and precision marine navigation. In addition to product displays, company representatives and subject matter experts will be available to engage the media on these topics.

In addition, the latest generation of marine navigation and radar technologies will be showcased. The latest Mod 4 version of the MK 39 inertial navigation solution provides both high accuracy geographic position information, with or without GPS, and precise attitude and heading data for fire control stabilization and weapons initialization. 041b061a72


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