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Black .rar

Users can indirectly manage the registry list of which file types can be opened and saved. In other words, the list in Attachment black list can be extended one at a time as each attached file is opened. Administrators can modify the registry.

Black .rar

Download File:

File types not on any list: These can be attached without a warning dialog. Trying to open or save them invokes a dialog which allows the user to perform the action just once or to add them to the good type (white) list or bad type (black) list.

You can attach file types that are on the black list because a document recipient may have a less restrictive black list than you (the sender). While the recipient may be able to open the file, the attacker will not be able to execute or open it from within the application. Attempting to open a prohibited file type results in a warning that the action is not allowed.

This action will lead to a recreation of your RAR file in the location without the header corruption. The RAR file name could be _rebuilt.rar or When you encounter a file like this, it is the repaired RAR file you want.

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When using the DX11 renderer, I get a "black screen". I can hear the menu music, but can't see anything. I have a DX11-capable GPU (660Ti, all drivers up to date at 331.82) and run other DX11 games fine. I run DX9 mostly fine, but with a likely separate FPS issue I've detailed here: -low-fps-in-137/

SweetFX is a software tool that adds visual enhancements to video games. It's not part of War Thunder by default, you have to download it and install it yourself by putting the contents of a ".rar" archive into the War Thunder folder. If you did this, then simply open the .rar again, memorize the files in the archive (examples: SweetFX_settings.txt, d3d9.dll, etc), and then delete them from your War Thunder directory.

If you never downloaded it knowingly, then you wont have it installed. The file ".rar" file I am reffering to would have been downloaded by you, but it's clear you haven't done that so our problems are probably different.I have heard of others having this issue that do not use SweetFX, so there's likely separate issues. But my issue was solved by uninstalling SweetFX. 041b061a72


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